1. Project Overview

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained AECOM Canada Ltd. (AECOM) to undertake a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and Preliminary Design Study for the improvements to Hwy 403 from Grindstone Creek westerly to Old Guelph Road on Highway 403, and Highway 6 from Highway 403 to Bruce Trail.

Study Scope

Identify short-term and long-term improvements of Highway 403 and Highway 6 Interchange that will allow the next round of infrastructure rehabilitation / renewal to accommodate future traffic needs of Highway 403 within the study limits.

Project includes the following structures:

  • 14 Bridges
  • 3 Structural Culverts
  • 15 Retaining Walls

Study Area Map

Key Objectives of the Study

Key objectives of the study include:

Short-term Plans:

  • Identifying the rehabilitation needs of all structures within the study area.
  • Developing a preferred staging and contract sequencing strategy for all structures.

Long-term Plans:

  • Exploring long-term improvements along the Highway 403 and Highway 6 corridors.
  • Developing long-term improvements for Highway 403 and Highway 6 Interchange so that an ultimate interchange design can be established, and land protected.
  • Identifying the widening and/or replacement needs of all structures within the study area.
  • Identifying areas of future roadway widening to allow for increased capacity.

Existing Left-hand Exit From Highway 403 Eastbound to Highway 6 Northbound

Existing Ramp from Highway 6 Southbound to Highway 403 Eastbound