10. Plains Road West Underpass

Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternative 1
Realign to the East,
Curved Structure
(the Preferred Alternative)

  • Accommodates higher design speed of 80km/h
  • Lowest construction cost
  • Minor impacts on areas with archaeological potential
  • Requires smallest amount of additional property
  • No anticipated impacts on the natural environment

Alternative 2
Realigned to the West
(not preferred)

  • Highest construction cost and a vertical clearance with Ramp N-E, but can accommodate 80km/h design speed
  • Significant potential impacts on 3 commercial properties on area designated as High Potential Environmental Concern for Contamination
  • No anticipated impacts on the natural or cultural environment

Alternative 4
Realigned to the East, Tangent at Structure
(not preferred)

  • Reasonable construction cost
  • Lowest design speed
  • Moderate additional property requirements
  • Potential impact on 2 residential properties and 1 commercial property
  • Minor impact on areas with archaeological potential
  • No anticipated impact on the natural environment