12. Highway 6/York Rd Interchange

Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternative 1
Future Existing Configuration
(West Ramp Terminal Intersection)
(not preferred)

  • Same footprint
  • Accommodates a carpool lot in the southwest quadrant
  • No impacts on the natural, socio-economic and cultural environment

Alternative 4
Future Existing Condition & East Ramp
Terminal Intersection Improvements
(the Preferred Alternative)

  • Accommodates a carpool lot in the southwest quadrant
  • Lower construction cost compared to Alternative 7
  • Minor impacts to natural, socio-economic and cultural environments
  • Minor improvements throughout the interchange are recommended

Alternative 7
Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
(not preferred)

  • Safety and operational benefits
  • Complex construction staging
  • Notable impact to utilities
  • Highest construction cost
  • Disruption of one residential property and displacement of two residential properties
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Largest potential impact to groundwater due to deeper excavations

The roundabout feature is part of another study, and is anticipated to be part of the existing condition when this project proceeds.