3. Consultation

Summary of PIC#1

  • The Ministry of Transportation held the first Online PIC on June 25, 2020 and received questions and comments via the study website.
  • A total of 103 individuals visited the Study Website during the Virtual PIC and 71 individuals viewed the PIC #1 Presentation Video.
  • Over the 45-day comment period, a total of 27 comments were received.
  • Various alternatives were identified and presented at PIC #1.

Key Comments Received from PIC#1

  • How the MTO Highway 5/Highway 6 Interchange Study relates to this study.
  • Questions regarding noise and air quality impacts from the higher traffic volumes.
  • Question regarding noise mitigation measures and impacts to the existing noise barriers.
  • Concerns regarding the Highway 6/York Road interchange and existing sightline issues.
  • Concerns regarding impacts to the natural environment and Royal Botanical Gardens.
  • Support for elimination of the left-hand on-ramp to Highway 403 eastbound.

We’ve listened to the comments raised and are addressing these issues in the development of the Recommended Plan.

Purpose of Public Information Centre (PIC #2).

The purpose of this Public Information Centre (PIC) is to present and receive feedback on the following aspects of the project:

  • The Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Details of the Recommended Plan
  • Mitigation and Environmental Protection Strategies
  • Next steps & how to stay informed

We Want Your Feedback!